Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i know my blog is like a dead fish
nothing interesting to blog about
my life is not interesting
inside of me
i am quite jealous of those bloggers
who got great life
great stories to share
absolutely gorgeous pictures to show
this is why i am not so much on blogging now
nothing to blog except my bitter life
my blog like a dead smelly isolated blog
i hate HELP uni !!!

not too late

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

new routes

i read today newspaper that

air Asia is going to have surprise for the people again , i am very very happy and excited about it cos maybe they are flying to japan !!!!
but but

i got the "secret"from facebook
no need wait till tomoro

The secret is out! AirAsia announces FIVE (5) new city additions to our India route - New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore!!! Gear up as India is going to rawk red this year with us opening the doors to the mystique of sights and sounds. The adventure of a lifetime in 2010 begins tomorrow.

why am i not excited with it la? cos is not the routes that i am expecting


Monday, January 18, 2010


super junior is coming to town !!!!!!!!
omg omg do u noe how excited i am now?
i heard of their asia tour since last year !!!!
i tot this is not going to happen
but but
they are here !!!!
the problem is
who am i going with ???
darn !
elene wanna go ???

i dont always go to concert but how can i miss this??
i only went once to WESTLIFE concert plus together with a friendly football match with malaysian team

as i tink is waste of money
and the tickets for the westlife concert back years ago is only RM30
call me cheapo

call me mui mui zai who crazy of these korean pretty boys
but man
they can sing and they can absolutely dance better then RAIN
in my opinion

how can i miss this?
anyone anyone?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i want this in MALAYSIA can?
maybe just for a day?

tot of wanted to share the pictures i got from the boy,more likely is that i request for the scenery there when snowing

oh ya
i am currently at the computer lab in uni
i have class at 8am
before this i got notice that the venue changed to block E instead of wisma HELP
but since is early in the morning and i have been stuck in the traffic jam all the way from SG BULOH
i went to wisma help... then only i realized is not here so i checked my organizers cos i dont c anyone familiar there too
fine i walk back to block e but the venue that they changed to ,i c no one familiar to me too and is different lecture and i saw my cousin friends in it definitely is not my class cos they are from PR class
cant do anything cos the oni number i got , a girl from my assignment group she off her hpcant get through her
oh oh there are 3 other student who got the same situation with me
we were wondering is the class cancel or we dont get any new news of new venue
I ended up online here in LAB while waiting for the 10 AM class
though i am not enroll to this class but i guess i must cincai attend any class to brain wash myself that i came to college for class !!!
for the effort of waking up at 6.30am

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

happy new year !!!

ok i am such a lousy blogger
i just want to say how i hate and love DECEMBER
the love is that is holidays !!
celebrations and celebrations !!!
is christmas is new year !
the hate is that i spent money like hell
like water oni
debts debts
not good not good
but overall
we earn and we spent
this is wat we live for

just a little update from me here
spent a very different chritmas with the ssd
we went for ROAD TRIPS !
how i love road trip

drove all the way up to north
ipoh-kuala perlis-penang
ipoh for DIM SUM !!

kuala perlis to attend su shin's sis er jie wedding dinner
she is soooo pretty
envy envy

penang of course is for foods !!
and we got presents from queen !!!
Christmas candy from kei
sweet sweet

have lots of fun !
oh oh

tomoro is my cousin weddings !!!
the first wedding in CHOO family
congrats to all the " babi"

happy new year !!!!

i have a great 2009 !!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

to sell or not to sell?

i have the sudden urge of selling my canon 4ooD and get the Lumix Lx3
actually i have been eye-ing on this camera for quite some time
as my canon 400D is going to get rusty soon

the lumix lx3 is Much more compact and pocket sized and i can bring it anywhere with me
cos it will not be as heavy as my my dslr
as my shoulder got really very painful and tired everytime i put it in my bag

it has quite the same functions
is jus that dlsr can change the lens
but for the meantime i dont tink i have that much of cash to keep upgrade my camera
why not i sell it of everything and jus get a smaller camera
as i would use it as often as i can
jus throw in my bag and i guess it would not be as heavy as my dslr

i would not say that i regret on buying DLSR
(thanks to my daddy)
as i still love it very much
is just that
i hardly bring it out
only to some occasions
as is very heavy

i would love to having the lumix with me and my dslr
but but
of course i only can choose one
i'm not that rich
so either i sell of my dslr and get the lumix
i jus cant say bye bye to lumix

how how
any concrete suggestions?

oh ya before this i was like looking at the canon G10
i love canon camera very much
i dono why
i jus feel that in a camera thingy
canon is the best

but G10 is quite big ler compare to LUMIX lx3
makes no different with my dslr now

i google for more information on this
there are quite a lot of good comments though

if any of u guys onterested can click on this link


definitely u will wanna get one too

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


no one can predicts future
not u
not me
not him
not her

is depends on our fate and what we choose
things got so wrong recently
i dono weather is that i am to sensitive

i hate it when there is argument when
i tink that something is the problem and the other tink that it is not the problem
it goes the other way round to0
when i tink that it is not the problem but the others think that it is a big prob


sometimes when thing gets into argument
automatically it leads to misunderstood

well jus say
life goes on
for me

i'll choose to go with the flow

it flow to some happiness
happy ending

i jus wont give up jus like that